Visual Spaces has been invited to propose a luxury design theme for this bungalow located in East Ledang, Johor Baharu, Malaysia.

Master Bedroom: A warm hue created by tinted mirror wall feature with special paint work bed head enhances the theme along with warm lighting.

East Ledang Johor Bahru Malaysia - Master Bedroom View 2


Kids Bedroom: A stylish design theme with red accented furniture and fixtures bring vibrancy and playfulness to the kids’ bedroom. The 2 boys have their own study area with built-in wardrobe, study table and shelving. The mezzanine level is where bedtime stories are told with ambiance lighting to make them sleep in no time.

East Ledang Johor Bahru Malaysia - Kids Bedroom


Kitchen Design: An open concept kitchen to house guests with wine over light cooking is always a pleasure to hang out overlooking the pool. A Sleek black and white theme made the accessories and alcohol bottles display stand out, bringing colours to this area to life with style!

East Ledang Johor Bahru Malaysia - Kitchen Design

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