Main Entrance to Bao Today at Nex Mall

Bao Today was established in 2005 serving freshly made Dim Sum to their customers. Traditional Chinese design elements are implemented in their current establishments, however, in their new shop space at Nex Mall they wanted to have a fresh new concept to target both young and elderly customers.

Visual Spaces was invited to develop a fresh and modern interior design concept infused with touches of Chinese accent into the new shop space. The space is amplified by having white as the main colour scheme in this design and accents of light wood colours furniture and yellow from their corporate identity. Hues of grey is applied to the entrance with designer floor tiles finishing and wall to send a clear message to passer-bys that the shop sells “Fresh Dim Sum” highlighted in Red LED Neon light.

Bao Today Dining Area at Nex Mall

A massive visual poster comprising of Chinese elements acts as a feature wall and an ‘instagrammable’ photo-op wall for dine-in customers with the embedded Chinese scholar headdress!

Oversized LED filament light bulb pendant lights adds ambience to the dining area as the customers enjoy their sumptuous Dim Sum dishes prepared by the chef.

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