Modern interior design concept for Nasi Lemak & Curry Fish Head Restaurant

Nestled in Jalan Besar within the vicinity of Little India and homes to many backpacker’s inn and hostels, Jia Xiang restaurant is set to leave a deep impression to locals’ and tourists’ taste buds with their traditional nasi lemak and curry fish head dishes.

At Visual Spaces, we strive to enhance our client’s new branding within their allocated budget with no compromise on design. With a LED signage with 3D logo and gold metal trimming, it shines and attracts passer-by tourists and moving vehicles on the busy main road. A simple display unit with the restaurant’s specialty dishes in lightboxes, showcases Jia Xiang’s signature dishes.

Nostalgic images displayed on the interior walls gave the restaurant a local vintage look. From the custom designed digital menu, customers are spoiled for choices for the wide varieties of selection available including the special nasi lemak with lobster!

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