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Visual Spaces was invited to explore and conceptualize an under utilized outdoor area at level 4 of a building block in Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD). Out client’s intention is to convert this space into an outdoor events area.


Existing Outdoor Space at Building 3, Level 4 of SUTD.

SUTD Outdoor Area Concept Design - Existing Site

Visual Spaces conceptualized this space to blend in with the existing lush greenery environment exposed to the Sun and planters. A designated space to conduct evening sessions of department gatherings or an afternoon of breakout sessions outdoor would be inspiring and informal. Adding more greens to this area, synthetic grass are applied on the floor. Parasols are added to provide shades from the Sun and custom outdoor ottomans to complete the styling of this space.

Let’s explore the process of creating this space:


Installation of drainage cells for synthetic grass on designated area.

SUTD Outdoor Area Concept Design - Laying of Waterproof Synthetic Grass

Considering this as an outdoor space exposed to rain, drainage cells are applied and laid on the existing floor to allow drainage from rains and cleaning of the raised synthetic grass. After drainage cells are installed, synthetic grass are then installed on top.


Installation of Parasols to Provide Shades from the Sun.

SUTD Outdoor Area Concept Design - Installation of Outdoor Parasols with Silkscreen Logo Print

Parasols with SUTD & IDC Logos imprinted on Sunbrella Canvas are then installed with concrete base for support.


Completed Space – View from Entrance Area.

SUTD Outdoor Area Concept Design - Completed Work View from Entrance


Completed Space – View from Seating Area.

SUTD Outdoor Area Concept Design - Completed Work View  from Event Area 1


Completed Space – View of Custom Ottomans inside the Parasols.

SUTD Outdoor Area Concept Design - Completed Work View  from Event Area 2

We hope you have enjoyed following the simple makeover process we have done for SUTD!

Please look forward to our upcoming posts which we hope you gain ideas and know how our team professionally execute our projects! Interested to work with VS to design, renovate or style your office, education institutes or home? Contact us today! Be inspired by VS.

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